Outsourcing Secured

Securing your data matters.

That’s why Prochant protects your billing system. We are your partner at every step. As a HITRUST-certified company, we keep your sensitive PHI data safe and train our agents to handle this information securely. You’ll work with our experts on system setup and access, so you can ensure that your business is in good hands.

The Prochant Difference

Transparency through technology

Your company needs the right insights. You need to protect the data. With Prochant’s advanced technology, your data is collected, encrypted, and securely sent to our servers for processing.

  • Rest easy knowing your data isn’t shared with any other entities
  • Get full access to the data our team receive
  • See how your data is used for productivity and summary reports

The Prochant Difference

HITRUST Certified

Prochant’s HITRUST certification ensures the privacy, security, and trust of your PHI data. By completing this rigorous certification, we have met the highest standards for HIPAA compliance and information risk management.

Secure VPN / RDP

Prochant accesses your billing system securely using a site-to-site secure VPN and RDP. We work with industry-leading systems and software, including Microsoft Remote Desktop, Go-Global, Citrix, and web-based applications.

Data Loss Prevention

We use data loss prevention software in our firewall and email systems. All Prochant endpoints are fully protected with USB block, website block, and advanced anti-virus applications with ransomware protection.

Prochant Resources

The Secure Remote Workplace

Due to strains on home-based care and pharmacy providers and their employees, the healthcare sector is at difficult crossroads. As it currently stands, many businesses are understaffed and their employees feel overworked.

Billing solutions, tailored to you.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Outsource your entire back office.

Focused Solutions

Outsource on your own terms.

Prochant helps us with billing, follow-up, cash posting, prior auth, and eligibility verification. As a result, we can spend more time with patients

Jami Allington, Director
Integris Medical Supply


DME Billing: 4 Tips for Smart Outsourcing

Are you considering outsourcing your DME billing functions? You’re in good company! Home-based care and pharmacy providers and DME providers increasingly see this service as a way to improve their business and bottom line. In fact, roughly 25% of providers have started outsourcing or adding specific expertise to their billing teams.

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