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Prochant offers a unique solution by combining the expertise of experienced reimbursement experts with cutting-edge AI-driven tools and analytics. Our specialized automation reimbursement solutions tackle critical challenges in home health and hospice care, including managing vital KPIs, high staff turnover, diminished reimbursement rates, and escalating labor costs. With Prochant’s approach, healthcare providers can focus on offering exceptional care to home health and hospice patients, while also efficiently expanding their business.

Get back-office results with industry-leading solutions.

3% or less

Reduce Your Bad Debt


Cash-to-net revenue results

< 40 Days

Reduce Your DSO


Average 90+ A/R%

Simplify Your

Home Health Revenue Cycle Management


Intake, Billing and Collections solutions, tailored to you.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Outsource your entire back office.

Focused Solutions

Outsource on your own terms: Intake, Billing and Collections.

Obadiah Scheich PharmD
Director of Avera Home Infusion

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