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Outsource billing on your own terms.

Running a large, in-house billing team isn’t easy for HME and pharmacy providers. With our process outsourcing solution, you’ll outsource where you need it most. Our team becomes a seamless extension of yours.

Helping you focus on what matters most.

Get on-demand access to our team of experts

Address your main pain points and concerns

Work with a team that becomes a seamless extension of yours

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* Cost savings based on year salary average for employees

Prochant Cost Savings

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Prochant is a partner you can depend on. We’ve more than doubled the revenue we did five years ago.

John Skoro, Founder
XMED Oxygen & Medical Equipment

Is HME Outsourcing Right for You?

Due to strains on HME and pharmacy providers, the healthcare sector is at difficult crossroads. Many businesses are understaffed and their employees feel overworked.

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