Full Service Billing

We Get Paid
When You Get Paid

Outsource your entire back-office with our Full Service Billing (FSB) solution. We take over all of your insurance billing, collections, and cash posting. You get a dedicated, U.S.-based account manager who serves as the single point of contact. There is a daily billing review prior to submission and claim rejections are also worked on daily. Daily, weekly and monthly KPI reports are provided for your review. And best of all, we get paid when you get paid.

Full Service Billing is a package of services that allows you to completely replace your back-office processes. This enables you to better focus on your patients.

EVP & General Manager
Prochant, Inc.

From fixed salaries to scalable billing costs.

With Prochant's full service billing, you can completely outsource the trials and tribulations of running a billing department to us. Instead of maintaining a large team of in-house billing professionals earning fixed salaries, your billing costs are directly proportional to what we collect. This makes your billing function more scalable and reliable.

Get your metrics under control.

Our billing team uses expertise and best practices gathered from scores of other accounts to deliver the best billing metrics to you. So if you are having difficulty keeping key metrics under control, check out our full service billing solution.

Focus on what you do best.

You are passionate about helping people and enabling them to enjoy a better quality of life. Leave the mundane work of billing to us and focus on what you really enjoy doing.

FSB Process

This graphic shows the typical front and back office processes at an HME provider. Roll your mouse over the graphic to see what processes you can outsource with our Full Service Billing solution.