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  1. Front End Billing associates are expected to demonstrate an amazing aptitude for U.S. insurance billing, and ongoing improvement of billing effectiveness. Ongoing commitment requires a thorough understanding and review of front-end billing across Medicare, Medicaid, and third party payers and products.
  2. Process includes diligent review of scanned medical documentation, billing errors and held orders, and implementing resolutions for effective and timely order transmission.
  3. You will conduct a rigorous billing review to proactively identify potential denials and update the sales journal. It may also include criteria review to confirm orders and involve documentation faxing to insurance after transmission.
  4. New associates will work on order creation and mature over a period of time into the broader role.
  5. Senior and quick learners can move into cross-client software and processes, client communication and escalation, QA, buddying resources, reporting, training, process improvement, automation, transition and problem-solving complex orders and patients.
  6. Has to be flexible in shift timings (As the process happens both during US day and night)


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