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Become Eligibility verification & prior Authorization

Here's to a fresh start with one of the fastest growing companies in HME Medical Billing industry!

  1. EV/PA associates will be reaching out to U.S. insurance companies via voice methods for eligibility verification and prior authorization submission / retrieval to improve the client’s overall billing effectiveness.
  2. You will be working during the U.S. day time. You will play a vital role in streamlining orders that can potentially be held for billing by working on expiring, expired or critical accounts, and obtain necessary verification, authorization or documentation needed for extension.
  3. Most orders or follow-ups are processed via our internal workflow tool, thereby work notes are critical for further processing, reporting and handover.
  4. Senior and quick learners can move into AR resolution, cross-client software and processes, client communication and escalation, QA, buddying resources, reporting, training, process improvement, automation, transition and problem-solving complex orders and patients.


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