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Become Accounts Receivable

Here's to a fresh start with one of the fastest growing companies in HME Medical Billing industry!

  1. As an Accounts receivable associate , you will be accountable for U.S. insurance collections and ongoing improvement of payment effectiveness.
  2. You will work during the U.S. day time.
  3. Day-to-day work will involve performing deep, holistic analyses of unpaid Medicare, Medicaid, and third party payer claims for various HME products. This includes denial and documentation review, framing up resolution, reaching out to insurance companies via voice or non-voice methods, re-submissions, and updating procedural documentation and software.
  4. Senior and quick learners can move into audit and appeals, problem solving complex claims, cross-client software and processes, client communication and escalation, QA and buddying resources.
  5. You may also be engaged in reporting, training, process improvement, automation and transition to full time or add-on roles.


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